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  • Auto Sentinel - Vehicle Security System (GPS Tracker   SMS Remote Presence)
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Auto Sentinel - Vehicle Security System (GPS Tracker SMS Remote Presence)
RM470.00  MYR
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If A1 top notch security for your car is what you're after, then the Auto Sentinel car protection system is for you. The Auto Sentinel is state of art car security featuring advanced GPS tracking using the famous Sirf Star III GPS chipset and a quadband GSM/GPRS command center which both receives SMS commands and sends out SMS alerts! Ideal when your vehicle security has been compromised. The Auto Sentinel - The ultimate safety device for your own automobile as well as the perfect solution for commercial car, van, or truck fleet operations!

Track Like A Pro!: At the heart of this incredible car security device is the famous Sirf Star III GPS chipset. Sirf Star is the GPS CPU of choice for all high end stock and customized vehicle security solutions because of its reliability and versatility. With improved satellite signaling through enhanced extra channel connectivity, your vehicle is VIP safe no matter how tough the streets are or how rough the road gets! On demand reporting of latitude, longitude, velocity, and geo-fence alarm when the installed vehicle enters or exits from a preset perimeter are just some of the advanced GPS tracking features you have access to.

GSM/GPRS Command Receiver Center: The Auto Sentinel utilizes a mainframe box with SIM card slot. The slot accepts any quadband GSM SIM card - translation, this car protection system can be used anywhere in the world. The mainframe and SIM card functionality allows you to send text message commands to the number associated with the main frame SIM card. Examples of commands include: Cut gas and battery power to immobilize engine (when the car slows to 30 km/h), monitoring car cabin through included speaker, and two way voice communication through included speaker and MIC.

GSM/GPRS Command Signal Center: The Auto Sentinel mainframe and SIM card functionality allows you to receive alerts when the car has been parked at a location over a certain time limit (great for avoiding parking tickets), when the car moves over a certain speed, when the car goes from a parked position to a moving position, when the SOS button has been pressed, when the car experiences vibration inducing contact, when the engine is illegally started, or when a door is opened unexpectedly.

Aside from being technologically advanced, the Auto Sentinel also plays nice. It is compatible with your existing remote control so you can ARM and DISARM using your existing equipment. Furthermore, the Auto Sentinel supports GPS monitoring software and web tracking. So click "add to cart" today and tomorrow your order will be on its way. Brought to you by the online security specialists - Chinavasion.

At a Glance...

  • Advanced GPS Tracking
  • Sirf Star 3 GPS chipset
  • Quad-band GSM SIM slot
  • GRPS functionality
  • Works with your existing remote controller
  • Choke engine feature
  • SOS button
  • Remote voice and signal monitoring

NOTE: This GSM product is compatible with the four frequencies of 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz. It can be used throughout the world.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • GPS Tracker Information
    - Receiver Module: SiRF Star III
    - Frequency: 1.57542GHZ
    - C/A Code: 1.023 MHZ chip rate
    - Signal Channels: 48
    - Tracking Sensitivity: -161dBm
    - Position Sensitivity: 10m, 2D RMS; 2m, 2D RMS, WAAS enable
    - Speed Rate: 0.1m/s
    - Data Update Rate: 1Hz
    - Recapture Time: 0.1s on Average
    - Hot Startup Time: Less than 2s
    - Warm Startup Time: 32s on Average
    - Cold Startup Time: Less than 35s
    - Altitude Limit: 18,000 meters (60,000 feet) max
    - Velocity Limit: 515 meters/second (1000 knots) max
    - Acceleration Limit: Less than 4g
  • Wireless Information: Quadband GSM/GPRS (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz)
  • Power Supply: 12V Automotive Battery
  • Backup Power: Built-in Rechargeable 3.7 V 1000 mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Backup Power Battery Life: 80 hours standby
  • Main Unit Dimension: 88 (L) x 63 (W) x 23 (H) mm
  • Manufacturer Ref: BFCYLVQH2X64

 Product Notes

  • Great for private use, company car or rental fleet management
  • Comes with external GSM and GPS antenna for excellent reception
  • Install the mic inside your passenger compartment, and you can listen to conversations inside the car without letting any passenger or driver know
  • Comes with detailed instructions on how to work with GPRS enabled SIM and setup internet monitoring (fixed IP only), so constant tracking information can be displayed on a detailed map

 Package Contents for Model CVUE-TR12

  • Main Unit
  • GPS Antenna
  • GSM Antenna
  • Monitor (Microphone)
  • Power Wire and Fuel Pump Wire
  • User Manual - English
  • Wireless Relay
  • Relay Wire
  • Vibrator and SOS Wires
  • Speaker

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make sense of the longitude and latitude data this unit provides?
    Both Google Maps and Google Earth can easily translate the data into usable visual information.
  • The unit does not pick up a GSM signal and the SMS functions aren't working, what's wrong?
    A number of things could cause this to happen:
    1) Make sure the SIM card is compatible (only 2G, 2.5G, 2.75G SIM cards work)
    2) Make sure there is money left on the SIM card and that it has not expired
    3) Make sure there is no PIN code associated with the SIM card
    4) Make sure roaming is enabled on your SIM account if you are in a different country

-Delivery time : Normally takes 10 working days and 20 days for oversea delivery.    

-All of our items are shipped through postal airmail service with tracking number in 2 business days  after payment received.

-You will get the tracking number in 24 hours after item is shipped. For tracking your item and the arrival time. please login your country's post office website or your local post office(with your ID too) to check your item with the tracking number 3 days later after you receive your payment and shipping notification.

-Please feel free to email us for any questions


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